We offer programs of laboratory proficiency testing organizing wide scope of interlaboratory comparisons.

The Proficiency tests that we offer are organized in consistence with requirements specified in EN ISO/IEC 17043 norm – Conformity Assessment. General requirements for proficiency test. High quality of our services is guaranteed by:

  • Over 60-year experience in laboratory testing,
  • Qualified staff,
  • Implemented quality management system consistent with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025,
  • Professional data processing systems,
  • Participation in expert symposiums and conferences,
  • Membership in the Polish Laboratory Association Klub Polskich Laboratoriów Badawczych POLLAB [the Polish Laboratory Association]

The interlaboratory comparisons constitute the main tool to prove laboratory competence. Participation in the comparisons enables to:

  • Monitor and improve quality of conducted analysis
  • Verify company`s competence
  • Assess methods and tools

Participation in the interlaboratory comparisons is used by accreditation entities as a basic element confirming competence of accredited laboratories and those that apply for accreditation according to ISO 17025 requirements.

Among our services, you will also find production and sale of reference materials and measurement standards.