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We offer programs of laboratory proficiency testing organizing wide scope of interlaboratory comparisons. The Proficiency tests that we offer are organized in consistence with requirements specified in EN ISO/IEC 17043 norm – Conformity Assessment. General requirements for proficiency test. High quality of our services is guaranteed by: Over 60-year experience in laboratory testing, Qualified staff,…
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Laboratory tests

Physico-chemical tests tests of subsoil and surface water, wastewater, soil, waste products and rock raw materials, tests of soil and water environmental pollutants, monitoring of landfill sites, monitoring of areas with facilities having negative influence on the environment (petrol stations, combined heat and power plants, industrial companies), quality monitoring of rain, industrial and municipal wastewater discharged…
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Reference materials

- Particle density and absorbability CERTYFICATE OF ANALYSIS bulk density and absorbability - Resistance to fragmentation – Los Angeles CERTYFICATE OF ANALYSIS losangeles - Resistance to wear (micro-Deval) CERTYFICATE OF ANALYSIS microdeval
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Interlaboratory comparisons

As part of those programs, the laboratories working in the field of the natural environment and the industry have an opportunity to test their skills in a wide range of analysis. Our programs: ENVIRON surface water, groundwater, drinking water soil sawage sludge sawage, waste INDUSTRY aggregate natural stone CONSTRUCTION aggregate soil natural stone
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