Laboratory tests

Physico-chemical tests

  • tests of subsoil and surface water, wastewater, soil, waste products and rock raw materials,
  • tests of soil and water environmental pollutants,
  • monitoring of landfill sites,
  • monitoring of areas with facilities having negative influence on the environment (petrol stations, combined heat and power plants, industrial companies),
  • quality monitoring of rain, industrial and municipal wastewater discharged to the environment.

Physico-mechanical tests

  • tests of soil for earthworks,
  • quality tests of rock raw materials and aggregate used for specific purposes (road, rail and general engineering, fitness for concrete and mortar) with the issuance of a certificate,
  • tests of materials used for vertical and horizontal cladding (granite, sandstone) with the issuance of a certificate,
  • tests of soil fitness for reclamation purposes,
  • tests of raw material fitness for hydraulic engineering,
  • tests of argillaceous material fitness for building and thin-walled goods (ceramic products) with the issuance of a certificate,
  • tests of waste products.

Field works and measurement

  • composition and emission tests of landfill gases,
  • efficiency test of landfill gas discharge system,
  • installation of rain-gauges and measurement of precipitation,
  • maintenance and renovation of piezometers,
  • monitorng of atmospheric conditions,
  • geodetic measurement, slope subsidence and stability tests,
  • physico-chemical tests and measurement performed in the field,
  • collecting samples of soil, waste products, sediment and compost,
  • collecting samples of wastewater,
  • collecting samples of surface and subsoil water,
  • collecting samples of drinking water,
  • probing, installation of monitoring points.

All tests offered by Environmental Test Laboratory are performed by experienced personnel according to internal testing procedures and binding legal regulations based on international norms.

Laboratory competence is proved with Accreditation Certificate AB 1010 and very good results of international proficiency testing program and interlaboratory comparisons in which the Laboratory participates every year.